Yellowfin on the night chunk washington Canyon

We had a very nice trip this past weekend to the Washington Canyon along with great weather, a great crew, no mechanical problems and lots of fish. We really lucked out with the weather. The forecast was for 10-20kts and 5-7ft waves. Instead we had 5Kts 1-2 ft until midnight Saturday when it picked up to 15 Kts. You can see the sea state in the pictures.

We started the trip slow cruising to the inshore lumps and were lucky enough to catch a 60″ 140# Bluefin tuna. We high speed trolled our way out to the canyons just south of the Baltimore and caught a few small Mahi on the way. We trolled our way south along the 100 fathom line hoping to pick up some yellowfin tuna without having to run all the way to the Washington Canyon but there were no signs of life at all.

We picked up and ran to  the Washington Canyon and the sea life was amazing. There were hundreds maybe thousands of Pilot whales throughout the canyon. We trolled for Bigeye until dark but no luck.  After dark we set up on the chunk in a fleet  of about 100 boats but had no luck. Around midnight we moved away from the fleet out in the deep and had fish under the boat within a half hour and caught 2, 30 -40 # yellowfin and 3 small barely legal yellowfin. We  packed up around 5 Am and slow cruised the 100 miles back to dock.
It doesn’t get much better.

mahi in Washington Canyon Yellowfin on the night chunk washington Canyon Pilot whale headquarters washington canyon Bluefin tuna Maximum Gusto Sportfishing Crew