Maximum Gusto bluefin tuna

The boat looks good with the new paint and the name reinstalled, so we are officially back in action as the Maximum Gusto! We finally made our first offshore trip this weekend. The weather forecast was marginal with 10-20Kt winds so we chose to go to the inshore lumps for Bluefin tuna. (The alternative was a 95 mile run to the Washington where there was a good yellowfin tuna and Big eye tuna bite going on).

I felt like we should be on wicked tuna or something. The bait and fish were definitely there as you can see from the screen shot of the depth finder. We had to work really hard at it, but eventually we caught one 90# bluefin tuna trolling and a second one on a jig. We could only keep one due to the current recreational limits. The weather turned out to be better than forecast as you can see from the pictures of the sea state.

Raymarine e127 tuna Maximum Gusto Paint Job Maximum Gusto bluefin tuna Blue Fin Tuna on deck Bluefin Tuna Fight