The Tuna Club of Avalon, located on Catalina Island in California is the oldest fishing club in the world, established in 1898.  There have been several famous members over the years including Zane Grey, Bing Crosby, Charlie Chaplin and Teddy Roosevelt to name a few!

Every year the club hosts a benefit tournament which is a light line Dacron based tournament.  Boats typically troll 20# Dacron and cast lures to marlin using 12# to 20# Dacron.  Catching marlin on light line always presents its challenges and allows for lots of fun trying to land the fish!

This year, Maximum Gusto Sportfishing is sending out a few of our products that will be going up for sale on their silent auction tables.  The funds raised during these auctions will help keep the the club running and contribute to maintenance of pilings, etc. that the club has to deal with.

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