It was a late start to fishing the canyons this year for Maximum Gusto.  Between vacations and the boat needing some work done on the generators, this was the first opportunity to get to the edge.  There was a tuna tournament going on out of OCMD so we headed north to the Lindenkohl to hopefully avoid the crowds. Word had gotten out about a yellowfin bite in the area inshore of the Lindenkohl and as usual, there were lots of boats who got the word! Everything looked very fishy. Lots of two tone porpoises, two huge 40ft + humpback whales and lots of shearwaters, but no fish… We worked hard all day and put together a meager catch of three small yellowfin and a few skipjack we kept for future bait.  Weather was great up until the trip home when the wind and seas picked up and made for a nice wet ride home.


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