We had a successful trip to the inshore lumps (30 fathom)  with 2 yellowfin tuna.  We knew fishing was tough, but we had decent weather and wanted to get out and see what we could find.  It was a foggy ride out, but the weather cleared and within about 10 minutes of putting the spread out, we had a fish on the way way back line.  This trip was especially way back because we had Capt. John Sowerby on board and he had us run the line out until only half the backer was left on the spool.  Fish was caught on a 8oz pink/white Joe Shute.  Our second fish came on a tournament cable wide tracker with green machines.  We were lucky to get this one in since the welded ring on the snap swivel broke.  Somehow the line got tangled up in itself and it managed to hold the fish on!

We had one other fish tear through the spread, most likely a bill fish, but it never came tight.  Plenty of people around us were jigging and catching tuna, so we stopped to jig for a little, but no luck for us jigging on this day!  

Arriving back to dock we found a thick fog bank, which made radar a must coming in!

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