yellowfin tuna at dock

The COVID-19 pandemic hit everyone hard this year, us included.  We had a bit of a delay getting the boat ready for the season so our first trip of the year was June 26.

The weather forecast looked good and the crew was excited to get out!  Leaving the inlet, we found relentless fog with very limited visibility which lasted all the way to the canyons and stuck around until around 11 or 12.  Once the fog lifted, it was a beautiful day on the water.

We got lines in around first light and were trolling our usual spread of ballyhoo and spreader bars.

Not long after lines in, we had our first yellowfin tuna!  After lull in the action, we eventually made some moves and ended the day with 5 yellowfin.  We heard of people who had more, but with our total of 5, we were pretty happy and headed back to dock.  Being the first trip of the season, we had some rust to shake off, but we got it done.

All images courtesy of Brandon Scherzberg.

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