USCG Blueline

Over the last two years, components and products to build our tackle products have proven challenging to get. In addition to difficulty in getting product, most suppliers have raised costs sometimes in excess of 25% or more. We are thankful to our suppliers who have managed to continue offering product with no price increases. Our pricing has remained the same in 2020 and 2021…Unfortunately, this year with additional price increases incurred in January and upcoming in February, we are being forced to raise pricing on most of our products. Products which suppliers did not raise costs on will not have any price increases.

Entering into the second year of the pandemic has also caused us to rethink our product offerings. We will be reducing the products we offer and some of the variations which were offered for the products. This is an effort to streamline our product offering, while focusing on procurement of the product we use most.

If you are looking for a product that is no longer available, or a particular combination we used to offer, please contact us and we can most likely get it and build the product. In addition, custom options are our specialty. Please reach out for hard to find products or custom options you may be dreaming of.

We would also like to announce that we are now a Blue Water Candy dealer. Blue Water Candy are some of the first lures we used on our personal boats and we are excited to be able to offer their products on our ballyhoo rigs, spreader bars, etc. A favorite product of theirs is the Mini JAG, Jag and Bling Lures. Check them out and let us know how you would like to use them in your spread. We personally use them to skirt ballyhoo on our ballyhoo rigs.

In addition to the Blue Water Candy lures, we are still using Addya Big Game Offshore hooks and Shark hooks in our products and highly recommend checking them out for an affordable hook option. We are also continuing to build products with FUDO Hooks, which is a premiere hook you won’t be disappointed in. 

We are also now stocking Yo-Zuri disappearing pink flurocarbon from 30 lb. to 200 lb. This is also the standard line being offered on our new tuna chunking products and fluorocarbon ballyhoo rigs. If you are looking for another fluorocarbon line, we can likely get it and build your custom tackle with that as well.

In 2021, many things limited the opportunity for fishing on our personal boats. Attached are a few pictures from the rare days we did get out. Soon we will post another article with pictures form other boats we fished on this year with our friends, including a banner 14 tuna day in November!

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