Over the years we have added some manufacturers to our list of offerings. Some on this list are new in the last year, some we have sold since we started, but we never formally announced selling of the products and we don’t have the products listed on the website for immediate sale. Over the years, selling these products have been primarily by word of mouth. Now is the time to consider some of these offerings. Take a look and contact us with any needs you may have!

MagicTail Outfitters

We are happy to announce we can get all products offered by MagicTail Outfitters. We have used their 1 oz., 3.5 oz., and 6 oz. heads with their rubber tails in our spread as well as several customers and think everyone will be happy with the quality and function of their product. This season we have sold a bunch of the Ultra Minnow Hoochie and the Big Eye Hoochie. The season is just starting here in New Jersey for Sea Bass and Fluke so we should have some good catches to report from customers soon.

Blue Water Candy

Head over to the Blue Water Candy website and take a look at all their great products. Our customers especially like the 1/2 oz. Bling for yellowfin tuna fishing in the North East. When fishing in the Florida Keys, we have always had good luck skirting our ballyhoo with the Mini JAG. We can get anything listed on their website and incorporate it into any rig you wish. We stock an assortment of the Bling, JAG and Mini JAG products.


We are stocking 25 lb. to 200 lb. Yo-Zuri disappearing pink fluorocarbon. If you don’t see it listed on our website, be sure to contact us and we can get it for you!

Jerry Brown

Jerry Brown has been good to us over the years on our reels and customers reels. Our offering on this has always been word of mouth, but if you find yourself looking for a standard in industry, reach out to us and we can get you pricing on the Jerry Brown you need! If you are local, we can now offer line spooling on your reels.


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