We started the year off with an early season trip to the canyons for tuna.  It was our first trip out since the engines were rebuilt this winter and we were looking forward to our new improved cruising speed!

There were many reports of both Yellowfin and Bluefin in the Washington. The weather forecast was great and every boat on the east coast was planning to go there the same day as us. Having seen last year what a circus it can get to be when everyone goes to the same spot, we studied the temperature charts and decided to try out a small warm patch of warm water between the cold water in the Baltimore and the Wilmington. We were hoping for yellowfin in the warm water but nobody was home.  Luckily we found the Blue fin in the cold water of the Wilmington.  The girls all teamed up and showed the fish who is boss and landed 2 Blue fin at about 54”. We had to release the second one because the current limit is one fish over 47”. The weather was great, the boat ran well so it was a good start to the season!

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