We got a late start Saturday at about 3 A.M. on our newly purchased 46′ Bertram Sport Fisherman. It was a bit rough on the way out, 3-5 seas, but the boat rode well and anyone that had the chance to sleep was able to.

At first light, we were still steaming toward the Lindenkohl with Rich and Marlin at the helm when a school of feeding tuna surfaced around the boat. Things got interesting when in their excitment they pulled back on the gears instead of the throttles. We did stop quickly and everyone was out of bed instantly. Unfortunately, we were not prepared with spinning rods and poppers and by the time we got rigged up, the school sounded.

We rigged with ballyhoo and manged to catch one small yellowfin tuna in the area. There were three whales feeding nearby and the water temperature was 73F. All signs of life disappeared and we trolled a couple of hours toward the Lindenkohn. Had one really good run off but never got to fight the fish. We trolled the rest of the day at the Lindenkohl and caught only a few dolphin around the lobster pots. The wind layed down in the afternoon and was calm all night while we chunked drifting the canyon

Unfortunately we caught nothing even though there were large waves of  squid passing through. The next day we went on the troll at first light but could not catch any tuna. We lucked out and found a floating pallet and filled both coolers with dolphin. About noon we headed for home. It was dead calm but rained the whole 85 miles to the inlet. We stopped to troll a dolpnin stampede with several whales  on a rip about 5 miles from the Lindy, but could not catch anything. Very frustrating, good fishy signs but no fish. We had several mechanical and electrical problems during the trip but that is probably to be expected after 3 years of little to no by the previous owner!