This past weekend we had hoped to fish offshore but there were no good fish reports anywhere. To give you an idea of how bad the fishing was, last week in the White marlin open 329 boats each fished 3 days for a total of over 900 fishing days. Only one white marlin met the minimum size requirements to be eligible. Several major categories went unfilled because no fish were caught. Because so few fish were caught, the ones that were caught were worth an unbelievable amount of money. The only white marlin weighed in took 1st, 2nd & 3rd prize and was worth 2.8 million dollars! The largest tuna was worth $800,000. The boat that caught it is a brand new boat but had some mechanical trouble and was towed in with a winning tuna!  Pretty impressive story, but I guess he can use the money to fix the boat. A hammerhead shark about the same size as the one we caught in the Big Fish Classic won roughly 5K. It was an eligible species in this tournament, go figure.

 At any rate since fishing offshore was so bad, we decided to make a low intensity trip to the Delaware Bay to see if we could find any bluefish (for future shark bait) or other random species around.  We didn’t find any bluefish this round, but we had good weather and caught 7 brown sharks and 2 sand tigers in 4 hours.  We let everything go as we don’t eat brown sharks and the sand tiger sharks are not legal species to keep so it is imperative to let them go win good health and quickly.  

 I wonder how many people swimming at the beach realize that there are sharks this big in the bay a mile off the beach?

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