Tournament Ballyhoo Rig


Are you fishing tournaments that require circle hooks, but still want to catch tuna?  This rig is your answer.  We searched hi and low for a rig like this when we started fishing tournaments and eventually we started building and using this rig.  Ballyhoo swim like it’s rigged with a J-hook!  We all know the complaints tuna fisherman have rigging ballyhoo with circle hooks, this solves that problem.

This rig is made of 25′ of high quality Diamond Fishing 180 lb Fluorocarbon, an 18/0 Quick Rig circle hook and a wind-on swivel.  Due to it’s length, it is intended to be fished as a wind-on leader.

The rig has 12″ of monel wire crimped into the crimp so it can be rigged like professional mates prefer during tournaments.

In Stock!